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Solar Pigeon Proofing & Screening

Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing and Screening

You spent thousands of dollars investing in solar panels for your home. Don’t let pigeons ruin the efficiency of your panels. Our solar panel pigeon proofing and screening services protect your investment now and in the future.

For over three generations, our family-owned local pigeon control company provides reliable and highly rated services that keep pigeons away from your home, business, and other property. Our solar panel services are highly effective for both commercial and residential properties.

Have Pigeon Problems with Your Solar Panels?

If you’ve noticed pigeon droppings on your solar panels, it could be time to hire a team of expert pigeon control experts. Pigeons prefer solar panels because they are the perfect place for nesting. For roosting or nesting purposes, pigeons like overhangs and solar panels have the perfect shape for them. And if you’ve noticed pigeons roosting on your roof like crazy, you’re far from alone. They offer shade from the oppressive Arizona sun.

We stop pigeons with our solar panel proofing and screening services. Our long-lasting pigeon screening and proofing services prevent pigeons from making your solar panels their new favorite place. It is humane and guaranteed to work.

Prevent and eliminate pigeons from calling your solar panels home when you choose Pigeon Control Phoenix. We have the skills, tools, and materials needed to completely eliminate pigeons from your property.

We protect your solar panels from serious damage by pesky pigeons. See our reviews to learn more about our reputation. We can handle any sized job.

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