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Pigeon Control Scottsdale

With more spas than in any other city in the U.S., relaxation is a high priority for both residents and visitors in sunny Scottsdale, AZ. Yet many home or business owners have to deal with a problem that’s anything but relaxing: pigeon infestations.

Although not native to Arizona, pigeons outnumber many other bird species and are notorious for taking up residence in places where they cause property damage and other problems. For effective pigeon control, Scottsdale property owners rely on Pigeon Control. This Phoenix-based pigeon control company has years of experience using the most effective bird control methods to safely and humanely remove birds from where they aren’t wanted—and keep them from coming back.

Pigeon problems require tailored solutions. When you call the experts in pigeon removal Scottsdale counts on, you’ll get a custom solution that targets the root cause of your situation and keeps the pests away once and for all.

Pigeon Control Services In Scottsdale

Solar Pigeon Proofing & Screening


Pigeon Netting


Pigeon Trapping


Pigeon Removal & Cleanup


Bird Spikes & Bird Wire


Shock Strips, Ultrasonic, & Sonic


Pigeon Proofing Scottsdale Properties

Like most animals, pigeons will take up residence in places where they can easily access food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately, this often means that roofs, solar panels, spaces under air conditioners, and the eaves under your roof are inviting to pigeons looking for safety and relief from the hot Scottsdale sun.

Pigeons also multiply quickly; what begins as one or two pigeons on the roof can become a flock in very little time. It’s important to deal with bird problems immediately. By calling Pigeon Control for pigeon trapping, Scottsdale home and business owners can prevent widespread damage to their properties.

When you let the professionals handle bird removal, they begin with a complete evaluation of the situation that guides their approach to the bird control problem. Based on their findings, the team will implement various methods, including:

  • Humane trapping and relocation of the birds
  • Installing bird netting around common nesting areas to keep pigeons from building nests
  • Installing solar panel mesh around the panels to keep birds and other rodents from building nests underneath and damaging wiring and other components
  • Installing stainless steel bird spikes to keep pigeons from nesting and roosting on windowsills, ledges, and other attractive perches
  • Installing deterrents like electrified strips and bird wires, which make it uncomfortable for birds to perch on the roof
  • Administering birth control through feeders to curb reproduction

These methods will help drive birds away from your Scottsdale, AZ, property and keep them from coming back. Pigeon Control crews perform a thorough cleaning and disinfection after removing the birds and their nests to ensure the birds don’t return. Using environmentally friendly and safe products, our Pigeon Control Scottsdale team removes bird droppings and eliminates bacteria and pheromones, ensuring the building’s exterior is clean, safe, and unattractive to any birds that might want to return.

Why You Can’t Ignore Pigeon Problems

Noticing the occasional pigeon resting on your building isn’t much cause for concern. If you see multiple pigeons gathering, though, the sooner you take care of the issue, the better.

Although a flock of birds can be a nuisance, bird droppings are the most pressing concern for home and business owners. A large amount of droppings can cause odors and significantly damage the structural elements of the building. For example, the acids in droppings can eat away at roof materials, causing leaks and other structural damage.

Bird droppings also present a health risk. Pigeons can defecate up to 50 times a day (or more), and their droppings contain a large number of diseases and parasites. Coming in contact with these droppings can cause serious health problems in humans and animals.

Why Do I Need To Call Pigeon Removal Experts?

If you need bird control in Scottsdale, AZ, call the experts. Although there are many reputable pest control providers in the area, dealing with a bird infestation requires specialized tools and techniques. Controlling pigeons is different from controlling other common pests like cockroaches, termites, and crickets, and many companies may be unable to help you, despite their best intentions.

When you call Pigeon Control in Scottsdale, you benefit from our years of experience specializing in bird removal. Pigeon control is all we do, so you can rest assured that we know the most effective and affordable methods for managing the problem.

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